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Welcome to Robot Fish Productions

Posted on May 20, 2014 by Andrew Rostenburg


Robot Fish Productions is organising a series of play readings over the 2014 winter; if you would like to be involved in any of these readings, please let us know. The plays for which we are currently searching for actors are below, more may be added in the future, so please register interest if you would like to be considered for any further readings.


The Last Dinner Mint

By Andy Roestenburg

Four couples are having a dinner party when the world changes forever, chemical weapons are released that intesify the sun’s uv rays to an extent that to leave the house would burn you in seconds. Three weeks after this event, the couples discover that they have eaten all of the food in the house except for the last dinner mint, their very last morsel of food – and everybody is too polite to take it.


Required: 4 Males, 4 Females


Chairs: A Parable

By Sebastien Archibald

Chairs follows the hilarious struggles of three men as they attempt to build a civilized existence in a barren wasteland. They enjoy a life of uneventful equality until one man steps forward and does the unthinkable… builds a giant chair!


Required: 3 Males